Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy, University of Florida

Previous Employment:

Haverford College                Assistant Professor (Physics and Astronomy) 2014-2017
University of Arizona          Bart J Bok Postdoctoral Fellow     2010-2013
Harvard University              CfA Fellow                                        2007-2010

Research Interests:

  • Theoretical Astrophysics
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Star formation and molecular clouds
  • ISM Physics
  • Radiative Transfer


2007     PhD Astronomy      University of Arizona
2003     BS   Astronomy      University of Florida
2003     BS   Physics           University of Florida


Princeton (2017), Northwestern (2017), University of Toronto (2017), University of Iowa (2017), Texas A&M (2016), UC Berkeley (TAC, 2016), University of Florida (2016), Cornell University (2015), Rutgers University (2015), University of Texas at Austin (2015), University of Colorado (2015), Dickinson (2015), StScI (2015); Penn State (2015); University of Texas (2014); University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014); Carnegie Mellon University (2014); Georgia Tech University (2014); University of Virginia (2014); Columbia University (2013); University of Arizona (2013); UC Santa Cruz (2012); University of Maryland (2012); Ohio University (2012); Haverford College (2012); Royal Observatory Edinburgh (2012); UMass Amherst (2011); University of Chile (2011); NRAO Charlottesville (2011); University of Florida (2011); UC Santa Barbara (Astronomy Seminar; 2010); Cambridge University (2009); Arizona State University (2009); University of Virginia (2009); Yale (YCAA; 2009); UMass Amherst (2008); University of Arizona (Theory; 2008); University of Florida (2008); Harvard University (Theory; 2006); University of Florida (2006)

Astronomy Community Service: 


Member of the NASA FIR Surveyor Science and Technology Definition Team
NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Grants Committee (multiple times)
NASA Astrophysics Theory Program Grants Committee
NOAO TAC (Five semester tour of duty)
JCMT TAC External Reviewer
LMT TAC External Reviewer
Netherlands Physical Sciences Free Competition Committee Referee

Journal Referee:    

ApJ, ApJL, MNRAS, A&A, Nature

Conference Lead Organizer:  

2009 Napa Valley Galaxy Evolution (Lead Organizer)
2011  Aspen Senior School on Galaxy Formation (co-Lead Organizer with Kai Noeske)